Monday, 24 January 2011

WI's, Resolutions & Knitted Squares!

We are growing quickly!

Sit and Knit a Bit - 100 Million Stitches -International Women's Day Project!  
This project is to highlight the resaons why 100 million women are not in the world today because of gender discrimination. They are aiming to receive around 60 - 100 million knitted squares to create a large knitted blanket. They estimated that to make the blanket that large they will have to get around 600 knitted squares a day, so get involved!
The guidelines are to knit roughly around 6x6 knitted square using any yarn and any needles. You can also knit as many as you like! Your design can be completely your own with words, something personal and much more.
Please send your finished squares to -
c/o Tramway
25 Albert Drive
G41 2PE
For more information visit the website

Recently, we have added many different things to our blog to keep you up to date with absolutly everything that is going on. We have added our WI's page, which tells you every WI in the West Yorkshire Federation, so you can find one near you!
We have also added our 2011 resolutions to show you how we are trying to make a difference in 7 different ways.
1. Proposed Mega Farms.
2. Save Our Trees
3. Cost Effective Production of Natural Galantamie Used for the Relief of Sufferers of Alzheimer's Type Dementia
4. Helmets For Cyclists
5. Controlled use of Mobility Scooters
6. The Closure of Libraries
7. Extension of the Admiral Nurses network to Provide Dementia Care on a National Basis

For more information go the resolutions page!

Also to find out about our very successful, fun day at the British Library please visit the Recent Events page.

Next week we will have tasty recipes and book recommendations for you!