Monday, 18 July 2011

A Selection of Recipes, Black Ties & Lullabies!

We realise that we have not kept up to our commitment of 3 recipes and a book recommendation each month, but now we are back on track and ready to give you more. We are now giving you recipes linked in with whats happening such as the weather, holidays and celebrations. And we are giving you newly released books that we think will get you interested for that month.

This months recipes are linked in with the Battle of Boyne and this apparent, but not evident summer month. So we have a starter for England named Cream of Asparagus Soup, a main from Ireland named Irish Chicken Wings in Guinness and lastly we have a dessert from Scotland, named the Summer Dessert. All three of these a perfect for a summers day and fit in with the occassion.

Next time for the August recipes, we will have the perfect, quick and easy BBQ food for the summer months.

July's book is a new release from Jane Graves named Black Ties & Lullabies. This story is based in Texas, USA, where the busy, working girl has a random fling with her millionaire boss and finds herself in a confusing and frustrating place in her life.

In August, there will be a brand new release.

Bye for now x