Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Saltaire WI

At the Federation, we have decided that each month we are going to do a profile on a West Yorkshire WI. The first month is on of our newest WI's - Saltaire!

Name – Saltaire WI
Formation – 13th October 2011
Day of Meeting – 2nd Thursday of each month
Time of Meeting – 7.30PM
Location – St Peter’s Church Hall, Shipley
Members – 111 members including 4 dual members
President – Elizabeth Pimperton
Secretary – Anna Kerr 

Saltaire WI is one of our most recent institutes to open in the West Yorkshire area. This institute was immediately successful; as they had over 80 visitors attend their first ever meeting in October 2011. Since then they have built their institute into a well-known group with over 100 members.
As they are a new WI they have not had a significant amount of time to host their own events and activities, but at the end of 2011 they had Christmas Pudding Making and a Christmas Quiz. For 2012, they have many interesting talks and activities for their members and visitors to enjoy. A few of these are a talk on releasing tension from your body named the Alexander technique and a visit to Kala Sangam in Bradford, which is a South Asian Arts Organisation. Another talk Saltaire WI is receiving a talk from Tim Crowther and Joe Maiden from BBC Radio Leeds on gardening. They are also hosting a share and swap evening for your tasty recipes. 
For information from Saltaire WI themselves visit –

If you are interested in visiting or joining Saltaire WI contact the Secretary, Anna Kerr on 01274 775728 or email her on .