Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Colton WI

Name – Colton WI
Formation – 8th September 1987
Day of Meeting – 1st Tuesday of each month
Time of Meeting – 7.45PM
Location – Colton Methodist Chapel, LS15 9AQ
Members – 33 members
President – Wendy Martin
Secretary – Jennifer Gallagher
Colton WI is celebrating their 25th year of being open this year. To mark their anniversary they are hosting many events during 2012 such as a visit to a rhubarb farm and a visit to a garden centre along with a meal. Also for their Christmas event they will be having a meal and shopping at Oswald Twistle Mill. Over the last year, they did many trips out of the Federation in support of other WI’s such as a visit to Northallerton WI, who host a market day every year along with a summer visit to Southport. Colton WI also enjoys dining out together and going on theatre trips.
If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining Colton WI please contact Jennifer Gallagher on 0113 2647105.