Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wadsworth WI

Name – Wadsworth WI
Formation – 27th October 1948
Day of Meeting – 1st Wednesday of each month
Time of Meeting – 7.30PM
Location – Old Town Cricket Club
Members – 19 Members
                   3 Dual Members
President – Margaret Chapman
Secretary – Wendy Mertens

Wadsworth WI is one of our Halifax WI’s. It is also one our older WI’s as well as one of our smallest with just 22 loyal members. This institute in particular enjoys rambling as they have their own walking group and often take part in the spring and autumn rambles that are hosted by the Federation. Over the past few months Wadsworth WI have visited Denman College, which is our WI based college in Oxford. They have also taken part in a 3 day village celebration for the Diamond Jubilee last month. As well as rambling, Wadsworth WI has their very own lunch club as well as regular theatre visits. 

If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining Wadsworth WI please contact Margaret Chapman on 01422846915.