Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Roundhay Tea & Chat's 3rd Birthday Poem!

Tea and Chat, now let me see,
It's mo

re than just a cup of tea,
It's care in the community.
A helping hand, a listening ear,
From all the folks that we hold dear.

To Tea and Chat i come along,
I can relax cos i belong,
And spend an hour talking to friends.
Let's hope this club never ends.

I come along to Tea and Chat,
For the company and a friendly face
A cup of tea in a welcoming place.
Listening to people telling us stories,
Seeing slideshows of the coutryside's glories.

You'll be sure of a cup of char and a warm welcome here.
The best bit about Tea and Chat is - go on, give a cheer!
The people, including those who volunteer.

We're no over-organised, wo don't over-fuss
We people who come here care about us.

Tea and Chat, we hope you now see,
Is more than just a cup of tea.