Friday, 9 November 2012

Crazy Patchwork - 2nd November!

On the 2nd November, we hosted our second day of Crazy Patchwork. The tutor was Anne Starkey from Clayton West WI, who is very skilled in all things craft.
The workshop contained a brief history and outline of Crazy Patchwork with historic and modern examples. In the morning, there was an explanation of techniques and demonstration as well as the having the afternoon to demonstrate hand stitching and have the student working on their own projects.
Anne thought the day went very well as the students were enthusiastic and were very pleased with the results of their projects. Everyone went home satisfied and happy with what they were doing.
The students taking part in the workshop had a lot of positive things to say about the workshop, such as that there was a friendly atmosphere and it was alot of fun. Other students also mentioned how they had found a new hobby and that they enjoyed the fact they could go at their own pace and there was no pressure to achieve anything.
The majority of our students gave the Crazy Patchwork workshop a 5* rating and many are coming back next year to take part in other Patchwork courses.
Here are some the photographs from Crazy Patchwork!