Friday, 30 November 2012

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year From Our Chairman!

This is the time when we look back at the year gone by. 2012 has been quite a spectacular year nationally; first the bad weather of the winter, which we had hoped would be relieved by the joyous occasion of HM the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The weather once again played a part, but nevertheless we all enjoyed the celebrations wherever we were. This was followed by the excitement of the Olympics. Who will ever forget the clip of the Queen with James Bond at the opening ceremony? All of this followed by many memorable moments during the Games. After that came the Paralympics where so many athletes competed and provided us all with examples of their determination to overcome so many problems.
In our communities we enjoyed many events arranged to celebrate this spectacular year.
This is also the time when we try to spend more time with our families though that will be difficult for some as they mourn the loss of family or friends, while for others is a time of celebration as a new member joins the family.
As i was writing this letter, we received a parcel containing a copy from the WI Country Women's Book of Greetings of a letter sent to HM the Queen on the occasion of her marriage in 1947. The page showed the Yorkshire County Page. The picture was found on a market stall in Wales by a Bradford man who forwarded it to our Office. The wording talks of "Yorkshire, county of Broad acres, land of the White Rose towns of wood and steel where craftsmen and craftswomen skilled of hand and nimble wit, ply their historic trades. Here are stern hills of the Bronte country, striding dales of Wharfe and Ure and Swale grey stone farmsteads and homely villages... and through the Ridings a kindly folk, homely as the Doric they speak, downright, forthright, loyal and given to hospitality. "
What more can i say except to wish all our Members and their families a truly happy and joyful Christmas and my greetings to all for the coming year.
Helena Harrington - WYFWI Chairman