Saturday, 26 January 2013

Denman in Bloom 2013

During April and May 2013 Denman College is hosting a bulb festival, which is sponsored by Walkers Bulbs. There will be a host of flowers on display and they have arranged a bunch of flower arranging courses.

9 - 12 April - A Beginners Guide to Flowers for Easter
19 - 21 April - Spring Flowers
22 - 24 April - Flower Garden in Ribbon Emroidery
24 - 27 April - Glorious Tulips in Watercolour
24 - 27 April - Spring Wildlife Walks and Tulips
3 May - Contemporary Tulips at Acrylic Day School
3 - 5 - Stained Glass Flowers in Patchwork

See the range of prices and courses on the Denman College website

There will also be some afternoons where the Denman College will be open to the public. The 14th April and the 28th April the Denman Gardens will be open at £3 admission for the public to stroll around the garden and enjoy the plants.