Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dancing Squares, Tulips & Trees Patchwork

Event - Dancing Squares, Tulips & Trees Patchwork
Committee - Home Economics
Date - Friday 8th March
Time - 10am - 3.30pm
Venue - Federation Office, LS13 1HP
Cost - £22 per member/ £27 per non member

On the 8th March, we are holding our Dancing Squares, Tulips and Trees Patchwork workshop at the Federation Office. This is one of the patchwork techniques that is very complicated to look at, but is very simple to create. Dancing Squares is often squares within squares set off at different angles to create a pretty design in this case it will be to create vegetation such as flowers, trees and grass in order to stick with the theme of the workshop.You will create a drawn design on fabric or paper, such as trees, tulips and dancing squares to be able to create the perfect picture. This can be done using a machine or hand sewing.

There is only 1 place left on this workshop! If you are interesting in attending please contact the office on 0113 2550810 or email on