Thursday, 7 March 2013

Q & A: Hayley Mills Styles - Assistant Treasurer & Trainee WI Advisor

Q. Where were you born?
A. I was born in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, but grew up in a village called Sherburn in Elmet in North Yorkshire. 
 Q. What is your earliest memory?
A. I think it would have to be my first day at primary school. 

Q.When did you get involved with the WI?
A. I became a member in 2009 when i became treasurer of Buns & Roses at the formation meeting. Later i joined the Home Economics committee at Federation so i could get more involved. My husband wanted me to get a hobby, after talking to a friend when she wanted to set up Buns & Roses i decided to go along and get involved. 

Q. What does the role of Assistant Treasurer involve?
A. I work alongside Susan Stothers to keep track of the Federation finances. 

Q. What does the role of WI Advisor involve?
A. A WI Advisor is responsible for forming new institutes, sadly, having to suspend institutes and assisting with any issues our institutes might have.  

Q. Tell us about your career.
A. I've had lots of different jobs within the financial services industry; recently i have decided to pursue my career as an artist.  

Q.Tell us about your family.
A. I was brought up by my grandparents and don't have a big family. I live in Leeds with my husband and our pet Western Hognose snake. 
 Q.What are your hobbies?
A. I'm an Embroiderers Guild member, National Trust member and keen photographer. My main passion is motorcycle racing. 
Q.Tell us something about yourself that will surprise people.
A. I usually surprise people by telling them i'm in the WI! Aside from that i got married on Halloween.