Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Our 30th Anniversary Literary Lunch

Yesterday, we welcomed Lesley Pearse to our 30th Anniversary Literary Lunch at the Manor Golf Club in Driglington. It was a very successful lunch with lots of chatter from our members, who were bursting with questions for Lesley.

We began the afternoon by welcoming our ladies and Lesley to the golf club with a raffle and the option to buy Lesley's new book and some of her older ones. Many of the members bought copies of Gypsy, Belle, The Promise, Remember Me and Trust Me as well as her brand new book Forgive Me.

We sat down for our lunch at around 12.30pm. The lunch was delicious and our ladies seem to really enjoy it. For their starter they had a choice of carrot and coriander soup with croutons or port pate with a small salad. For the main meal the ladies had a choice between chicken, salmon or a stir fry. The chicken and salmon came with a choice of roast potatoes, new potatoes and fresh vegetables for the table as well as complimentary sauces. Lastly, for dessert we had a choice between lemon sponge, fruit salad and Bailey's cheesecake.

After lunch, Lesley Pearse began her talk about how her life began as a writer. She explained when she was young that her stories came from lies that she created and that continued on into her later life when meeting men and in other situations. Lesley told us how she worked in many different places before thinking of becoming a novelist (she even had her own gift shop) and she wrote a handful of books before a publisher would even consider buying it from her to publish. Eventually in the early 1990s she finally got that chance and ever since her books have been more successful than she ever thought.

After a short question and answer session, where our ladies got to find out things they hadn't already about Lesley, we started the book signing where the members could buy her paperbacks and new book Forgive Me as well as get a personalised signing from Lesley herself.

Overall, the day was a big success and a great way to celebrate our 30th birthday!