Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Q & A: Penelope Scott - Rowley - Health and Safety Representative

Q. Where were you born?
A. St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, but a fortnight later moved to Lancaster where i spent most of my childhood.

Q. What is your earliest memory?
A. Going fluke (a type of flat fish found in Morecambe Bay) fishing with my gran's next door neighbour and my uncle - I was about 18 months old.

Q. When did you get involved with the WI?
A. More than 20 years ago when i was living in South Yorkshire.

Q. What made you join the WI?
A. I went to give a talk to a WI group as a favour to a friend. Everyone was so pleasant and i was surprised and interested by the wide range of activities on offer. I joined there and then.

Q. What does the role of Health and Safety Rep involve?
A. Keeping up-to-date with health and safety requirements and advising the Board of Trustees about these. Also making sure these requirements are adhered to and the appropriate health and safety leaflets and notices are displayed as legally required. Also ensuring that the first aid boxes, fire extinguishers, alarms etc are provided and fully functional.

Q. Tell us about your career.
A. I was a lecturer at two colleges of agriculture specialising in botany, maths, practical amenity horticulture and rural science. I taught a wide range of students, both in age and ability and was also an external examiner for another college of agriculture under the aegis of City and Guilds. I have also developed distance learning teaching materials and syllabuses for the nuclear industry. I also worked within the prison service for a time, teaching remedial maths and literacy.

Q. Tell us about your family.
A. My husband died a number of years ago, i have two adult sons, The elder lives with me, the younger lives in Scunthorpe. I also have a cockatiel and eight stick insects.

Q. What are you hobbies?
A. I like all "craft" activities, particularly embroidery and working with textiles. I love gardening and am a national judge for Primulas. I also have 16 dollhouses and enjoy marking articles and soft furnishings for them  and dressing the dolls which "inhabit" them. I also like to paint in all media and have been experimenting with miniatures.

Q. What is your favourite book?
A. Anything by "Miss Read."

Q. Tell us something about yourself that will suprise people.
A. I got my first motorbike- a 250cc BSA - when i was 17 and used to compete in grass track racing at local club level.