Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The History Of Knitting!

Event - Spruce Up Your Knitting
Committee - Home Economics
Date - 21st May
Time - 10am for 10.30am
Venue - Federation Office, LS13 1HP
Cost - £22 (£27 non-members)

Knitting originated many years ago when people began creating socks out of wool and yarn, but back in the 3rd-5th century knitting did not have a name It is thought that socks and stockings are some of the first knitted pieces.
Later on in the 13th century, Muslim knitters were employed by Spanish Christian royal families to make their garments.
In recent times, knitting has changed completely. Between 1939 and 1945 the Make Do and Mend booklet was produced by a wartime government department called the Ministry of Information. This was to encourage people to create new things and recycle items they already had to make brand new ones rather than buying them.
In the 1980's, there was a big decline in knitting because the prices for materials were the same as buying clothing, which meant people would save their time and just buy their clothes.
In even more recent times though, knitting has come back into fashion as the materials are less costly and knitting is internet friendly with patterns, tips and videos to watch as you wish.

So, on the 21st May our new board member Siobhan Maguire - Broad will be teaching you how to improve your knitting skills and trying new techniques. There will be different ways to cast on and off, practicing knitting in the round with four needles as well as a circular needle, basic pattern reading, working with a chart and choosing needles that are fit for your yarn.