Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Federation Quiz 2013

Friday 11th October was our Annual Federation Quiz. We had thirty teams at St Chad's Church Hall in Headingley and they all did fantastic throughout the 10 rounds of the night. A big congratulations to Gomersal, Durkar, Morton that were the successors of the evening.

1st - Gomersal WI won with 73 points and were presented with the Clutterbuck Cup and £50.
2nd - Durkar WI came second with 71 points and were presented with £30.
3rd - Morton WI came third with 69 points and were presented with £20.

We had ten questions per round and in each set there was a WI and a Yorkshire question. Lets see if you can answer some!

1. Name the chairman of NFWI.

2. Which Yorkshire city has the telephone code 01482?

3. Name a member of the WYFWI Board of Trustees, other than the chairman.

4. What war of the roses battle was fought on Palm Sunday?

5. What colour is the cover of the 2014 WI Diary?

6. Whose statue stands in Leeds City Square?

7. What is featured on the front cover of September WYN?

8. Which famous composer was born in Bradford?

9. Enter LS13 1HP into a sat nav. and it would take you where?

10. Who signed his furniture with a mouse?

11. How many additions of WI Life are published annually?

12. To which Saint is York Minister dedicated?

13. In which month is the Real Jam Festival held at Denman?

14.  What Yorkshire Dale takes its name from a village rather than a river?

15. On what occasion was the photograph of the WYFWI chairwoman featured in the July edition of WI Life?

16. Where is the World Coal Carrying Championships held?

17. Name one of the three bursaries available at WYFWI.

18. Which famous villain was hanged in York?

19. What was the subject manner of the overall winner of this years federation photographic competition?

20. Which Hull woman made the first solo flight to Australia in 1930?