Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Second Dates for Japanese Patchwork Blocks!

Due to the first dates being so popular and fully booking within a few weeks we have selected more dates for late 2014.

31st October 2014
28th November 2014
20 January 2015
20th February 2015
20th March 2015
10th April 2015
26th June 2015

This course will show you how to make a variety of patchwork blocks using Japanese techniques and styles. The sessions include patchworking, applique, sashiko and more. At the end you can use your blocks however you wish - as indicidual cushions or table mats, or together as a quilt. The first two sessions will cover the Kurume Well Curb and Four Well Curb patchwork blcoks and the WIndmill and Five Pine Bark applique blocks.

The days will run from 10am for 10.30am - 3.30pm at the Federation Office, LS13 1HP. For the full course it is £176(£216 nonmembers) including a deposit of £44.

Kurume Well Curb                                                                                      

Four Well Curbs

Windmill Variation

Five Pine Bark Diamonds


Lyo Parent & Child

Comma Style Plum Blossom

Three Gingko Leaves

Cloudy Snow

Tasselled Moon Fan


Sacred Gate



Nawaki Grasses

Linked Diamond Tortoiseshell

Book soon to avoid disappointment!