Wednesday, 20 November 2013

2014 Resolutions!

NFWI have revealed the four resolutions that we can vote on to go forward to a vote at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Leeds. This gives us as members a chance to make a difference in something we feel strongly about. After 51 resolutions were submitted, these are the final four to vote forward.

1. Increasing Organ Donation
2. Funding For Women's Centres To Cater For The Specific Needs Of Vulnerable Women At Risk Of Offending
3. Campaign Against Female Mutilation
4. Provision Of Non-Acute Hospital Beds

Increasing Organ Donation

Even though there are over 18 million people on the Organ Donation Register, three people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. This is why it is important to the NFWI to encourage people to sign up for organ donation and for those to encourage their friends and families to do the same.
This is a follow up to the NFWI resolution which was called in 1974 and so it is important for them to keep raising awareness for people to sign up.

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Funding For Women's Centres

Even though the Justice Select Committee have investigated into female offenders, the Ministry of Justice have failed to adapt to their needs, so the NFWI are encouraging the government to fund women's centres that will cater to the needs of vulnerable women who may or may not be offenders.
This resolution is very closely tied with NFWI's previous Care not Custody Campaign and encourages the divertion of women and girls from offending or reoffending.

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Against Female Genital Mutilation

This is an educating campaign for the NFWI to encourage publicity of the practice of female genital mutilation, which is affecting women in the UK and abroad. The NFWI feels this is important as there is a complete lack of attention and enforcement upon the issue and the resolution also involves keeping their campaigns for women's human rights.

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Provision of Non-Acute Hospital Beds

This resolution urges the NHS to increase the number of non-acute beds within hospitals. As the NHS faces such pressures when caring for peoples lives but also the financial pressure of caring for people. It has been suggested there be 'health hotels' or 'ambulatory care' which will be cheaper for the NHS, but people are still getting the proper care with a hint of their independence still.

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Please start voting for which resolution you would like to put forward and the final vote will be taken at the 2014 NFWI Annual Meeting.