Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Our December Letter From Our Chairman!

This year the December WYN has crept up almost unnoticed, but not quite! We have had a better summer than previous years and we have enjoyed the wonderful autumnal colours. Who said we need to go further a field for such a wonderful range of colours?

This is the time of the year when the weather outside is cold, wet and icy. We can sit down in front of a fire (real or otherwise) and write those Christmas cards and letters, remembering all those friends and family who are far away. What can be better? This is also a time of intense sadness for many and i hope those who are in this situation can find some comfort in remembering and talking about the many happy times that were spent in good company.

Above all, i think this is really the time for children. To see their faces beaming with enjoyment is to me a source of great happiness. But we can all smile and find enjoyment in even the smallest things. Today i was looking out of the window and had to smile at the antics of the birds on the rowan tree. It brightened up an otherwise dull day! Just seeing the lights that brighten up our towns and city can be a source of pleasure.

For many, taking in a visit to a church for either the midnight service or for a carol service is an important part of this season. Whatever is important to you and your family I hope you will be enjoying all the good things that come at this time of year.

A very happy Christmas and the best possible New Year.

Helena Harrington
Chairman West Yorkshire Federation of Women's Institutes