Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Meet Our WI Advisors - Helena Harrington & Gillain Swift

Helena and Gillian have many years of experience in the WI. Helena has been a member of Wilsden WI for over forty years and has served on the committee and held all the various officers posts. In the early years Helena helped at Federation level with events in the evening and at resolution meetings. On retiring Helena joined the Membership sub-committee and the went on to be appointed Chairman of that committee. Helena was appointed Chairman of West Yorkshire Federation in April 2007.

In 1990 Gillian joined Farnley Tyas WI where she held the position of president and treasurer. During the years when Farnley Tyas was suspended Gillian joined Stocksmoor WI where she is now a dual member. Gillian has been on the Public Affairs sub-committee and chaired from 2003-2013. She spent 4 years on the Executive committee and also chaired the Membership sub-committee. Gillian also organised many outings and holidays for WI members. She now serves on the Membership sub-committee and is the Resolutions Coordinator.

Helena (2010) and Gillian (2012) trained as WI advisers. The course equipped them with the information they need to help fellow WI members. Many of you may have had contact with them through this role. Helena and Gillian cannot solve all problems but they can and do offer a listening ear.

For anyone thinking 'I could do that' we suggest that the first step is for you to be involved in your own WI and progress to knowing how the Federation works and if you enjoy meeting and speaking to people and are interested then contact the office for more information.