Thursday, 27 February 2014

March Events!

Event - Tai Chi
Date - 3rd March
Time - 2.10pm - 4.30pm
Cost - £8.50 (£9 non-members)
Venue - Rodley Ecumenical Church Hall
Tutor - Colin Hamilton

On the 3rd March, Colin Hamilton will be teaching 18 of our members how to do Tai Chi. This is a new event for us to be hosting and as it filled up so quickly we hope it has every success, so we can run it again for anyone who didn't get the opportunity this time. Pictures to follow next week.

Event - Federation Annual Meeting
Date - 29th March
Time - 10.45am - 3.15pm
Cost - £3.50 delegates
           £8 visitors
           £9 on the day
Venue - Pudsey Civic Hall

On the 29th March, we will be having a full day of members being able to meet the Board of Trustees and the Sub-Committee Members. There will be displays representing all the committees and the Federation. We will also be having the NFWI Chair Janice Langley joining us as well as Patti Dawson and Kate Russell, who will be creating a floral display while showing the 'Seven Ages Of Women'. Full report after the meeting!