Wednesday, 21 May 2014

NFWI News - June 2014


National Countryside Week

From 13th to 20 July 2014, The Prince's Countryside Fund will be running the National Countryside Week. This week aims to raise awareness of the how important the countryside is and any issues that are facing communities and farmers in rural areas. 

The Fund is encouraging people to 'Walk a Mile' in support of the countryside.

We must remind you that WIs cannot raise funds for these kinds of projects, however individuals are encouraged to join in.

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Community Energy

Community Energy Fortnight

Between the 13th & 28th September 2014, the Community Energy Fortnight will be taking place. This event will host many activities across the UK and give people the opportunity to explore the communities who generate and save energy.

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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Week 

From 2nd to 6th June it is Healthy Eating Week. We encourage everyone to cut down on the goodies and eat extremely well for the first week in June. 

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