Thursday, 2 April 2015


A good time was had by all, everyone enjoyed themselves on Tuesday 31st March, 2015 
with the Northern Ballet.

We sat in on a ballet class, watching the dancers doing bar work first of all and then some ballet steps, pointe work and jumping.  We had a break then watched a rehearsal for Wuthering Heights, Heathcliffe and Cathy.

After lunch we had a talk from the wardrobe mistress who showed us 2 outfits from Madam Butterfly  she told us that when they fgo on tour they take washing machines, dryers, hot boxes, steamers, irons, laundry detergent, fabric softener etc., as each garment has to be washed after each performance.  If for any reasons this cannot happen then the garment is sprayed with vodka!!

Following this their technical head showed us a speeded up video version of how they set up for Peter Pan, they do this so that next time they put on the show (even if it is in a couple of years) they have a record of how it was done.  They take all the props with them and a sprung floor as well when they go on tour and as every theatre is different (some are smaller than others) the sets have to be able to fit both types of staging.

When the company goes on tour there are over 100 people and 3 large vehicles carrying all the equipment required.

Then finally we had a talk fro the patrons wanting people to join as a friend or patron to support Northern Ballet.

It was all very warm and friendly, and an extremely interesting day.

A few members also walked down to the cafe in Munro House across from the bus station where there is a gallery of photos of the dancers which is free, but they had a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake.  The photos are excellent and you are able to go to look at them without going into the cafe - well worth a visit.

Sue Stothers - Bardsey cum Rigton WI