Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Sunny June found a group of West Yorkshire ladies at Clayton Hall Farm to be welcomed by
Neil Gemmell and his wife Dawn.

A decline in dairy farming was priving a challenge to Neil's livelihood and so he decided to diversify into producing green energy. 'Hate Food Waste' is high on the agenda for the WI, but the question is, 'What can we do?'  Neil demonstrated exactly what we do to help ourselves, our children and grand children to preserve our planet.

In 2011 Neil installed a hugh bio digester on his land and another unit followed last year.  Waste food stuff from factories and supermarkets is delivered to the farm and is processed in the digester to yield enough gas to run a 700k generator and produce a steady supply of power to the National Grid. Neil produces enough power for his own farm and about 700 local houses and the new unit will increase output.