Monday, 4 April 2011

Soup, Salad & Sarah Waters

This week we have many updates for you.

First we have some delicious recipes on our recipes page, consisting of a vegetarian dish of Potato, Cheese and Spinach Tart, Roast Chicken Soup and Chicken Salad. These can be found on our recipes page.

Next is our book of the month, which is Sarah Waters 'The Little Stranger', which is said to be a ghostly story about a family who live in a Georgian House in Warwickshire. To find out more take a look at our book club page.

Now for our 'What's Coming Up' page we have Flower Arranging & Afternoon Tea on the 15th April 2011 at St Chad's in Headingley. This is a fun filled afternoon of flower arranging, afternoon tea and a raffle. For more information on this take a look at our What's Coming Up' page.

Lastly, in the recent months we have been doing Patchwork Bags classes. The first on 18th February & 4th March and the second on 18th March & 1st April. We are very pleased with the progress and success of the partakers in the classes. Take a look at our 'Recent Events' page for more information.

Next time look out for photographs and winners from the raffle at the Flower Arranging & Afternoon Tea.

Bye for now x