Monday, 27 June 2011

It's Been a Busy Time, But Here Is A Quick Update of What Has Been Happening

Firstly, we would like to apologise for our lack of updates recently. We have been very busy with the AGM, the Yearbook and many other events.
The Annual General Meeting was held on the 8th June at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. With around 4,500 people attending the meeting there were many discussions about the final resolutions and eventually voted on the 'Save The Libriaries' resolution, which the NFWI will take up with the governement by lobbying for the resolution.
We have also been very busy with the Yearbook. Each year we have a new Yearbook and this year we decided that we wanted to completely revamp it by choosing a new layout, a new structure and replacing the old with the new. This is going to print very soon and will be avaliable from October 2011.
Also recently have been two very successful events. First was the Archery Taster Session on the 13th June. A handful of members went to Bronte Archers to learn the skill of Archery. Second was the PA Lunch on the 15th June. The theme of this lunch was Royal Weddings and a speaker named Gillian Stapleton spoke about 200 Years of Weddings, while displaying an amazing replica of Queens Victorias wedding dress.
Please keep checking out the blog, as it is now going to be updated more regularly.

Bye for now