Friday, 27 April 2012

A Spring Time Book & Recipes!

For the month of May, we have a review written by Buns & Roses member and West Yorkshire News Editor Gemma Rathbone. The book is named Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and was later turned into a film starring Julia Roberts. Take a look at the Book Club section for the review!

Also this month we have three new recipes. According to the calendar it is Spring, but not according to most peoples weather, but we thought we would give you 3 spring recipes to keep you going. This month we have Spring Spaghetti & Meatballs, Prawn & Mango Salsa and Tropical Sandwiches. Enjoy!

Scarcroft WI

Name – Scarcroft WI
Formation – 25th April 1923
Day of Meeting – 2nd Thursday of each month
Time of Meeting – 7.15PM
Location – Scarcroft Village Hall
Members – 24 Members
President – Pauline Reeve
Secretary – Pat Shayler
Scarcroft WI is one of the more established WI’s in the Federation as it will be their 90th year of being an institute in 2013. With 24 members, Scarcroft are quite an active WI within their own institute. Their most recent events have been a shopping trip to Boundary Mills, a day out to Fairfax House with a WI tea, evening at the Grand Theatre in Leeds to see Dreamboats and Petticoats, a garden party in the Summer months and a Christmas Lunch to finish the year. Scarcroft WI are planning many events for the upcoming year also such as a trip to Hardwick Hall & Denby Pottery, another trip to the theatre to see Sister Act, a coach trip to see some embroiderers and of course their 90th birthday celebrations next year.
If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining Scarcroft WI please contact Pauline Reeve on 0113 2893248 or email her on  

Going For Gold Craft Competition

Each year at the Annual Meeting, we have a competition. This year it was a craft competition named 'Going For Gold'. It was a pound to enter each entry and had to be based around a theme of gold, whether it was the topic, the fabric or the thread.

 1st Place - Marjorie Walshaw from East Keswick WI.

2nd Place - Heather Ross from Morton WI.

3rd Place - Sylvia Garthwaite from Otley WI.

Here are the other entries for the competition.

Stands From The Annual Meeting!

Here are some of the stands that were at the back of the hall for the Annual Meeting. These stands represented Arts & Leisure, Public Affairs, Home Economics & Handicrafts, Outings, 50/50 Club and Denman College.

The Federation Annual Meeting 2012

On the 17th April, many of our members gathered at Pudsey Civic Hall to see a round up of our year. They also came to see our wonderful morning and afternoon speakers such as the National Chair Ruth Bond and Colin Harding from the National Media Museum.

At the beginning of the meeting all our members stood to sing Jerusalum, which was adopted as the WI anthem in 1924 as it is about women's suffrage and used widely in WI choirs.

After Jerusalum, the Federation Chairman Helena Harrington began the meeting by reading her annual report for the year. This involved commenting on the Federation Challenge that many of the institutes have contributed to over the year, the sad death of the Founding Chairman of the West Yorkshire Federation Eileen Meadmore, the events that the members have enjoyed over the past year, the upcoming diamond jubilee, the 30th anniversary of the West Yorkshire Federation,  the Centenary Grant from NFWI, the opening of 3 new WI's and how modern day technology has become a big part of the West Yorkshire Federation.

We then had Sue Stothers giving the Federation Treasurers' Report, which showed a very successful year overall.

After the Chairman's and Treasurers' annual reports, the National Chairman Ruth Bond came to speak to us as the morning speaker. She spoke about her connections with West Yorkshire, how she came to be a WI member, why enjoys being a WI member, why she enjoys being a Chairman and how she has travelled around the Federations to get an insite into the different ones.

We then had the Chairman's of the Sub Commitees speaking about their year as a committee. First we had Christine Meredith talking about our Home Economics & Handicrafts Committee. Christine explained about their successful year of workshops that have been filled to capacity and the upcoming events such as Cupcake Decorating, Through The Garden Gate, Crazy Patchwork, Bobbin Lace, Locker Hook and Needle Felt. Christine also announced that in July there is a Textile Talk and Afternoon Tea in Rodley Church with speaker Sue Seager of the Northern Society of Costume and Textiles. To end her talk, Christine mentioned The Craft Collection group that meets at the Federation Office in Rodley every 4th Friday.

Then we had Edith Cheesbrough speaking for the Membership Support & Training Committee. Edith told the members how 6 new institutes has opened since the last Federation Annual Meeting. The Membership Support & Training Committee has opened Asda Trolley Dollies, Saltaire, Tong Village Vixens, Fixby, Boston Spa and The WI in Rodley. Unfortunately, along with new WI's some have suspended. Edith explained that advertising the West Yorkshire Federation has been the key through the website and blog, which reachs out to a wider public.

Following Edith was the Chairman of the Public Affairs Committee, Gillian Swift. Gillian talked about the Resolutions Conference that also took place at the Pudsey Civic Hall on the 3rd April. She spoke about the speakers they had and how it is important the More Employment of Midwives resolution goes ahead at the National Annual General Meeting in June 2012. Gillian then moved onto the PA lunch, which is set on the 100th anniversary since the sinking of the Titanic and East Keswick Hall in June.

Heather Ross was then welcomed to the podeium to speak to the members about the many outings that the West Yorkshire Federation has. She explained about the Spring 2011 in the Highlands of Scotand and the Autumn of 2011 in Canada, where the Women's Institute first started. Heather then told the members about their upcoming trips, which included the Cornwall Holiday that a selection of members are currently on now. They have visited the Eden Project, The Lost Gardens of Helligan and the Cornish Coastline. Also this year we have a day visit to Birmingham for the Festival of Quilts, which is £30 a ticket. To end Heather's speech she spoke about the outing for 2013, which is a trip to the Outer Hebrides. The members attending will be visiting the Isles of Lewis, Harris and Uist.

Next was Gemma Rathbone who is the Denman College Representative and The West Yorkshire Newsletter Editor. Firstly, she spoke to the members about Denman College and how it is urging for more members to go to the College for it to be able to continue with its services. There is an appeal to approve the College in Oxford named 'Do It For Denman', which contributed to some refurbishments of the College to make it more appealing for WI members across the country to attend. Gemma also explained that this year there will be a new programme for Denman College published every few months to keep the members up to date. Gemma then moved onto her information about the The West Yorkshire Newsletter. She explained to the members that the price of the newsletter had risen to help witht eh rise in costs of paper, ink and postage. She also explained that the advertising in the newsletter is thriving as well as that subscriptions have fallen slightly in the recent months.

Gemma then introduced Molly Hughes, who is the representative for The Associated Country Women of the World. Molly explained the aims of the ACWW campaign and thanked the members for their generous donations. She went onto explain the Nyaka Grannies Scheme, which took place over the past two years. This campaign was to provide pit latrine toliets for grannies in Uganda that are raising their grandchildren, who were orphaned by aids. Molly finished her presentation by explain stories that her peers had told her about visiting the grannies in Uganda. 

The last of the morning speakers was Yvonne Todd, who is the 50/50 Club Scheme Representative. Yvonne spoke to the members about last years scheme having 186 participants and went on to explain the prizes. For just £10 a year a member gets a numbered card and will be put into a draw each month. Most months 3 prizes of £15.00 each are given to the chosen numbers. However twice a year, at the Christmas Lunch and the Annual Meeting bigger prizes are on offer. There is 1 prize of £100, 2 prizes of £50, 2 prizes of £25 and 1 prize of £20. (The results of this will be later in the blog.) Yvonne finished by explaining that 50/50 Club entries for 2012/2013 are still being accepted so the prizes can not be announced until after the final entries come into the office, so get your entries in for a chance to win some great prizes!

After the morning speakers from the Federation and the National Chairman we moved on to the awards for the institutes. First was the presentation of the Shakespeare Cup and Edward Shaw Cup. The Shakespeare Cup was presented to Harden & District WI as they had the largest percentage increase over 30 members. The Edward Shaw Cup was presented to Pool in Wharfdale WI for the largest percentage increase under 30 members. Well done to them!

This is a member of Harden & District WI collecting the Shakespeare cup for their increase in members.

This is a member of Pool in Wharfdale WI collecting the Edward Shaw cup for their increase in members.

Next we had collection of certificates for institute anniversaries. This year we had 25th anniversaries all the way up to an 85th anniversary. Congratulations to all of you!

This is two members of Colton WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 25 years.

This is a member of Farsley WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 25 years.

This is a member of Holmbridge WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 25 years.

This is a member of Shepley WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 30 years.

This is a member of Roberttown & District WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 35 years.

This is a member of Luddenden & District WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 40 years.

This is a member of Briestfield WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 45 years.

This is a member of Shibden WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 45 years.

This is a member of Moor Top & New Farnley WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 50 years.

This is a member of Ripponden With Rishworth WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 60 years.

This is Sheila Loosemore, who is a member of Walton WI and is also a past Federation Chairman collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 65 years.

This is a member of Badsworth WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 70 years.

Lastly, this is a member of Bardsey Cum Rigton WI collecting their certificate to celebrate being an institute for 85 years.

Next we awarded institutes with certificates from the Federation Quiz on the 30th March at st Chad's in Headingley. Well done to these three institutes!

In 3rd place was Gomersal WI.

In 2nd place was Harden & District WI.

And in 1st place was Durkar WI.

Before we had a lunch interval we awarded the Eileen Meadmore Award, to the winner of the 'Going for Gold'. The winner was Marjorie Walshaw of East Keswick WI. Unfortunately, Marjorie was not able to attend so it was collecting by Sue Stothers of Bardsey Cum Rigton WI.

Aftere lunch, we did the approval of last years minutes and the 50/50 Club draw. The winners were J. Smith from Harden & Districft WI, who won £100, P. Shayler from Scarcroft WI, who won £50, S Campbell from Ossett WI, who won £25, J Hall from Batley WI, who won £15 and lastly Briestfield WI won £15 for the institute.

The afternoon speaker was Colin Harding from the National Media Museum in Bradford. Colin explained many aspects through out is talk such as about himself and how he came to be so interested in photography and media, when the museum opened, when they had a refurbishment, James Bond reopening the museum, cameras through the ages, interesting photographs from the museum what they hold for exhibitions that goes in and out of storage.

At the end of the meeting we drew the raffle where there were a selection of prizes such as plants and gift baskets. The members and Board of Trustees finished the meeting with the National Anthem.

We hope you enjoyed the account of the Annual Meeting!