Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Recipes & How To Be A Woman!

This month we have a book about the stages of becoming and being a woman called 'How To Be A Women' by Caitlin Moran. It is supposedly hilarious and a very enjoyable read for all women.

We also have three new recipes.
First is the Vegetable Frittata, which is suitable for everyone as it can be switched and changed to be anything you fancy whether you only have vegetables or include bacon or chicken. 
Then we have the Aubergine Tower, which is perfect for the summer as aubergines are in season. 
Lastly we have a Summer Pudding, which  includes lots of fruits that are in season this month and gets us in a hopeful mood for summer.

Enjoy & watch out for next months!

Laycock & District WI

Name – Laycock & District WI
Formation – 26th May 1955
Day of Meeting – 3rd Thursday of each month
Time of Meeting – 7.30PM
Location – Laycock Village Hall
Members – 40 members plus 1 dual member
President – Gillian Gill
Secretary – Christine Emmott
Laycock & District WI is quite an established WI as they will be celebrating their 60th year as a WI in 2015. Laycock & District are quite an active WI as in the recent years they have attended many Federation events such as greyhound racing, croquet and archery as well as hosting their own events like bread making, walking and trips to the theatre. This WI is also one of the few WI’s that offer catering services within West Yorkshire when other WI’s from across the country visit our region, which brings our Federations together, as well as enjoying wine tasting and ten pin bowling. Other institutes in West Yorkshire are also quite interactive with Laycock & District as they have a dual member, who is also part of Stanbury & District WI. In the future months Laycock & District are becoming even more active by going to the ballet, doing a Breast Cancer walk and a pub quiz. 

If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining Laycock & District WI please contact Christine Emmott on 01535646442 or email her on 

Also take a look at their brand new website 

July Events

5th July - Fun With Flowers - At the Woodbank Nursery in Bingley members are learning how to plant containers. At the workshop you can buy plants and tools to practice your new skills at home.

6th July - Through the Garden Gate Advanced 2 - This is the second workshop of our two courses at the office for through the garden gate. The objective is to design a garden in fabric and the technique of reverse appliqué will be used. This workshop is FULL.

10th July - Croquet - Members will be taking part in a croquet taster day at Ben Rhydding Croquet Club. They will be taught how to play croquet and have a few games amoungest themselves. This workshop is FULL.

17th July - Afternoon Tea & Talk - Sue Seegar from the Northern Society of Costumes and Textiles will be giving a talk on The Evolution of the Modern Miss from 1860 - 1990. This talk at Rodley Ecumenical Church will show how womens dress has changed over the years. This workshop is FULL.

Hope you enjoy these events ladies!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Scarcroft & District Croquet Club

Are you interested in croquet?

Visit Scarcroft & District Croquet Club!

The season for the croquet club is running up until 30th September 2012 and the next season will start again in April 2013.

It is £45 per adult for a season and it is £5.00 for visitors per season.

During the week members meet on a Sunday 11am - 2pm and from 2pm - 6pm it is a free trial session.

Members and visitors also meet on Monday and Tuesday 2pm - 8pm.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and take full responsibility for the childs safety.

During the croquet time flat, soft soledd shoes must be worn.

If you are interested or have any more questions please contact Ann Wickert on 0113 2892315 OR 07724113420 or contact Sue Stothers on 01937 572353 OR 07779566001.

Programme Planning

On the 8th May, we held a Programme Planning workshop for 16 of our members. The Programme Planning consisted of showing how to create an interesting programme for the institute across the year. This has really helped our newer WI's in how to get speakers and how to keep the members excited about their meetings. Take a look at the pictures.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Recipes & Books

We have a new book on our page called The Book of Lost Things, which is by John Connolly. On our book page there is a review of it by Lucy Rider from Buns & Roses WI.

We also have three new recipes this month. We have a Bread and Butter Pickle, a Classic Caesar Salad and since salads called Superfood Salads are very much in these days, we decided to put one of those on for you as well!


Cookridge Crumpets WI

Name – Cookridge Crumpets WI
Formation – 22nd March 2011
Day of Meeting – 1st Tuesday of each month
Time of Meeting – 7.30PM
Location – Cookridge Holy Trinity C of E School
Members – 58 Members
President – Maura Doore
Secretary – Rebecca Tyler

Cookridge Crumpets WI is one of our newest WI’s as it has only been open just over a year, but the members are still just as active as an established WI. Even though they are a new WI they vary in age and interests, but are all still young at heart. During their first year of being an open WI they had events such as Zumba, wine tasting, a talk on astrology and at Christmas they had wreath decorating and carol singing. This year they have also been busy with a Diamond Jubilee Tea Dance as well as a swishing event as well as a curry demonstration. Also in the summer they are having a cake stall at a local summer fair. As well as being popular with their 58 members they have also got a large fan base online with their Twitter account @cookridgewi and their Facebook page. 

If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining Cookridge Crumpets WI please contact Rebecca Tyler on 07882629359 or email her on

National AGM & Hampton Court

On the 30th May many of our members in West Yorkshire attended the National Annual Meeting where there were many thrilling speeches by National members and visiting speakers.
The resolution of the Employment of More Midwives was passed with a massive 96% of the voters wanting the resolution to go ahead and National are now planning on how they are going to take the resolution forward.
The day after the meeting our members visited Hampton Court which is the palace that Henry 8th and Ann Bolin lived. Take a look at the photos.

Diamond Jubilee Cupcake Decorating!

  On Saturday 26th May, members came to the Federation Office in Rodley to decorate cupcakes in a Diamond Jubilee theme. Take a look at the pictures.

We Went Nordic Walking!

On the 17th May, a handful of members went up to Ilkley Lawn Tennis and Squash Club to go Nordic Walking. Luckily, the members had good weather on there Nordic Walking experience, which was for just over two hours and they also had a talk on a healthy balanced lifestyle.