Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Titanic Lunch

On Wednesday 13th June, many members gathered at East Keswick Village Hall for the 'RMS Titanic 100 years on' Lunch. For £18.50 per member and £23.50 per non-members, the speaker Lucy Adlington acted as Lady Lucy Duff Gordon, who escaped the Titanic on a lifeboat. Lucy dressed in costume as well as bringing many artefacts to the talk.

I Heart Vegas & Recipes!

Now on our Book Club is our August Book, which is I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk. Natalie the Assistant Secretary has just finished reading this book and described it as a light-hearted and hilarious book, being able to see herself in Angela.

Also in the Recipes section we have three new recipes for August. We have Parmesan Fish Fingers, Baked Bean Chilli and Berry Trifle. These recipes are suitable for people with various intolerences and can be adjusted for your liking and needs.



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August Events!

18th August - Around 30 of us are going to the NEC in Birmingham to see The Festival of Quilts. The Festival contains over 1000 competitions pieces and many exhibitors selling supplies and patchwork goodies for you to take home. There will be 3 pick up points before making our way to Birmingham. The coach will be in Rodley at 6.45am, Leeds at 7am and in Wakefield at 7.30am. The coach will get us there at 11am and will depart again at 4pm and will stop at the same points as the pick ups. There are a few places left so if you are interested send a £30 cheque to the office in order to get a place.

24th August - We are hosting a Crazy Patchwork day for around 12 of our members at the Federation Office in Rodley. You will be creating a patchwork panel, which can be used in a bag, cushion, wall hanging etc. There will be a use of various fabrics, such as satin, silk and velvet. There are only 2 last minute places on this workshop, but if can not attend this one there is also one on the 2nd November, which still has plenty of place.

If you are interested in any of these events, please contact the Federation Office on 0113 2550810 or email us on

Buns & Roses WI

Name – Buns & Roses WI
Formation – 2nd April 2009
Day of Meeting – 3rd Thursday of each month
Time of Meeting – 7.30PM
Location – The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Lower Briggate.
Members – 44 Members
President – Gemma Rathbone
Secretary – Jennifer Hancock

Buns & Roses WI is one of our newer WI’s and has become on the most talked about institutes in the West Yorkshire Federation, as they have brought a new, modern feel to the WI, while still keeping the traditional values of the Women’s Institute. They have three sub-committees, that meet regularly to organise and pitch events such as a new Yorkshire WI’s mixer, 1940s/50s day, 80s party and history tours. Since Buns & Roses have opened they have also been very active out of meeting time by being involved with local events such as the Knitting and Stitching Show, I Love West Leeds Festival and the Make, Bake and Grow festival. Like more established WI’s they also hold monthly workshops as well as their monthly meetings to help members and non-members develop new skills with sessions such as sushi making, origami and flower arranging. As well as this Buns & Roses have a choir that meet weekly and they have performed and Christmas events and fundraising days along with a book club that meets monthly in the Leeds Central Library. Already this year Buns & Roses have celebrated their 3rd birthday with a kid’s themed party with jelly and a magician, they have gotten into the Olympic Spirit by hosting their own challenges and also taken a trip to Scarborough.  For the rest of 2012 they will be hosting workshops such as swishing, photography, creative writing and jewellery making. 

If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining Buns & Roses WI please contact Gemma Rathbone on 07766904352 or email her on

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Textile Talk & Afternoon Tea

On the 17th July, we hosted a Textile Talk & Afternoon Tea with Sue Seegar. Sue is from the Northern Society of Costume and Textiles and came to the office to talk to us about the evolution of the modern miss showing the way women dressed from 1860 to 1990. Sue did her presentation in the upstairs part of our office, which we have just started using for our bigger events.

More Encaustic Art Photos

A few months ago, you may remember us having an Encaustic Art workshop, well we have had a flood of photographs showing their progress. Take a look!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wadsworth WI

Name – Wadsworth WI
Formation – 27th October 1948
Day of Meeting – 1st Wednesday of each month
Time of Meeting – 7.30PM
Location – Old Town Cricket Club
Members – 19 Members
                   3 Dual Members
President – Margaret Chapman
Secretary – Wendy Mertens

Wadsworth WI is one of our Halifax WI’s. It is also one our older WI’s as well as one of our smallest with just 22 loyal members. This institute in particular enjoys rambling as they have their own walking group and often take part in the spring and autumn rambles that are hosted by the Federation. Over the past few months Wadsworth WI have visited Denman College, which is our WI based college in Oxford. They have also taken part in a 3 day village celebration for the Diamond Jubilee last month. As well as rambling, Wadsworth WI has their very own lunch club as well as regular theatre visits. 

If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining Wadsworth WI please contact Margaret Chapman on 01422846915.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hebden Bridge Walking Group

The Walking Group of Hebden Bridge WI trekked all the way from Widdop Gate near Hebden Bridge to Haworth for cake and cream tea. Take a look at their journey!

Through The Garden Gate So Far....

On the 29th of June, a handful of ladies took part in a Through The Garden Gate Advanced Workshop at the office. This was a follow on workshop from the previous one last year and this time they will be trying new and more difficult techniques with their ideas. This was the first workshop of four as the ladies are taking part in two of those four days. Their next one is on the 27th July. Take a look at their progress so far.